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How much is the ground school kit, and where can I find it?

The ground school kit is $269, and you can find it on

When is the deadline to sign up, to your in person classes?

We usually stop processing enrollments 8 hours prior class start, but if you are interested I would suggest registering as soon as possible so we can forward the course material as soon as possible.

Will I be licensed after taking your course?

Yes. Our course is the only 4 day accelerated course in Canada which takes you from having zero experience to having a license.

How much is the cost of the course?

Our drone training class is $349, and $200 for the flight review $549 total .

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take all major credit cards, all payments are processed securely through our online interface. Additionally we can take payments over he phone via waveapps our digital payment provider.

I am interested in becoming a drone pilot, and I am not sure how to get started?

First you must enroll in our ground school, the duration of our course is 3 days + 1 day of flight training. The cost is $349 for ground school, and $200 for flight training and review a total of $549. Once you sign up, you will automatically be forwarded a link to obtain our ground school kit. Lastly at the end of our course you will obtain your advanced pilot certification.

I have taken another drone ground school, will you guarantee that I will pass?

Yes. At Sugu we take an assistive approach to learning if you are struggling we will automatically pair an instructor with you during your course date.

If you are taking one of our online courses not to worry we are also available 24/7 by calling 1-888-FLY-SUGU

Do you have any other classes?

Yes we offer GIS, Remote Sensing, drone design and build courses as well as public safety

I want to buy my own drone will you give me a discount?

Yes. While we cannot provide a discount on the drone due to strict minumum advertised pricing we can cetainly provide a discount on our course of up 10% if you buy your drone from us

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Training Address 1: 2025 Courtney Park Drive East, Mississauga Ontario

Training Address 2: 2833 16th Avenue, Markham Ontario
Phone Numbers: 1(888) 359-7848, 1(888)-FLY-SUGU